Is Self-care Selfish?

We’re hearing the terms self-care and self-love everywhere, but what does that actually mean? Are we being encouraged to be selfish? I feel like that would go against everything we’ve been taught since toddlerhood. Is self-care designed to make us feel good for today or help us achieve happiness and joy? For a lot of people, this can be a difficult concept to grasp and even more difficult to execute.

What is self-care?

Self-care is how we treat ourselves. It’s daily habits, routines, or commitments we make to ourselves. By following through with these commitments we’re showing ourselves love and supporting our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Practicing daily self-care promotes our own feeling of happiness and joy and can also help improve our relationships.

Here are some self-care ideas that may be helpful:

  • Eating organic, non-GMO, enzyme rich, nutrient dense foods
  • Fun, Sweaty activity (walking, jogging, blowing bubbles)
  • Spending time with family or loved ones
  • Start that new hobby you’ve been talking about
  • Get enough restorative sleep
  • Begin a personalized supplement routine
  • Meditate

Just so that we’re all clear…self-care is not hanging out in our PJs, eating ice cream, binging Netflix all day when the stress is too much. Not saying that I’ve never done that, nor am I judging anyone, but that is not self-care.  Self-care is more about how you live your life: does this support my overall wellbeing or does this just feel-good right now? Chances are when you look a little closer, you’ll see things a little differently.

I view going for regular manicures/pedicures and massage therapy as self-care because I do them on a schedule and do them intentionally to support my physical wellbeing. The point is not solely to be pampered. More self-care, for me, would be yoga class or stretching daily to support the massage therapy work.  I sit for very long periods of the day and not exercising, not stretching, not taking care of my body is a recipe for disaster!

True self-care is looking inward and making honest assessments in order to have the difficult conversations. It’s setting boundaries, taking a stand for yourself and being your own champion!

Signs that Self-care has not been a priority:

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Weight gain/weight loss issues
  • Feeling sick and tired…all the time
  • Irritability and increased moodiness
  • Abdominal pain, headaches, chest pains, shortness of breath
  • Feeling like you don’t have time to take care of yourself

Think of self-care as a way to bring out your highest and greatest self. A daily commitment to taking care of yourself and your body is the ticket to grow your own way.  If you’re having difficulty making choices to care for yourself or would like coaching to make these changes in your life, please reach out.  Let’s figure out how to get you past these blocks and on to developing healthy habits that promote your long-term wellness.

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