It can be hard to find trusted brands so I created a list of companies for you to explore. 

Please do your own due diligence but take confidence that I too have done the research.  The companies listed here are companies that I trust and personally do business with.

Descriptions and excerpts have been copied from their websites.

Shop with confidence!

Pure Essentials Supplements

“Our mission is to reclaim health for humanity through products and services that are science-based, simple to use, and life changing. We do this by providing vitamins, minerals and essentials nutrients in the highest quality forms available. The integrity and efficacy of our products is paramount – using ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients in unique and novel delivery systems that promote your body’s natural healing ability.”

The Pantry Principle

Processed food, fast food, adulterated, and chemically enhanced foods make navigating the stocking of our pantries with healthy foods a truly mystifying chore.

This book will help you take back control of your pantry and your food sources.

Source Vital

“Our products are 100% naturally-derived, using only best and most effective ingredients that nature provides us.”

3rd Rock Essentials

3rd Rock Essentials is a Virginia Beach-based team dedicated to bringing you the safest, toxin-free personal care products.

Wild Alaskan Company

Today, many Americans mistakenly think that they don’t like seafood because they’ve never tried the real thing.

“I’m sick of fake food. I’m tired of being lied to by the global industrial food-complex. As it turns out, I’m not the only one. The real food movement has arrived. Purchase sustainably-harvested, wild-caught seafood here.”