Gift Giving When You’re Balling on a Budget

When it comes to buying gifts, you can really bust the budget if you’re not careful or if you haven’t planned.  By the way, taking care of your finances is also part of self-care. I’d like to share a few ways to budget for a year of gift giving and how to save some loot on those gifts!

5 Ways to Budget Gift Giving:
  1. Calculate how much you spent on birthdays, Christmas (in our house it’s Christmas – you may have different gift giving holidays), graduations, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Christenings, etc. last year. Add 15% for surprises and incidentals and divide by 12.  This is how much you can start putting aside each month for your gift giving.
  2. If you want to give a gift that falls outside your budget consider going in on the gift with friends, siblings, co-workers.
  3. Shop off season! If you know Aunt Susie loves those soy candles with the wooden wick and that’s what you get her every year, look for the sales. There’s no rule that says the gift can’t sit in your hall closet instead of the store shelf.
  4. You may be wondering what to do for wedding gifts. A good rule of thumb is to give a gift equal to the price per person – which ends up being around $100 most of the time. Remember to put aside a little for the bachelor/bachelorette party and the wedding shower too.
  5. Ultimately consider what you can afford to give – even if there is an expectation to give a certain amount in your family or friend circle. Don’t underestimate handmade gifts as either.

Pro-tip #1: When shopping early and stashing gifts in the bench by the front door or in the closet in the guest room leave yourself a treasure map. Nothing compares to shock of thinking you lost a pricey watch that was the “one big gift” one of the adult children wanted.

Pro-tip #2: Shop small business!  I have non-toxic bath & personal hygiene products in addition to a full line of supplements and programs to help you get on the best health path.

If you’re still wondering what to get me for my birthday this year, you can start here:
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  3. Give something to someone somewhere that can use a helping hand. For example, mow the neighbors’ grass, clean up the trash at the park, offer to babysit, run errands, get creative and do something nice for someone. Always looking out for your long term wellness.
    Much Love, M

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