heather-sachs“Since he was 18 months old, we knew my son had food & environmental allergies.”

He had a reaction to peanuts and that immediately changed all of our lives. Six years later, after many allergist & doctors’ appointments, eczema was covering 85% of his body and he was having reactions to just about anything you would put in his mouth. It was serendipity that I happen to run into a mom who just found out her son was allergic to sodium benzoate. She mentioned having had her son tested for intolerances with a blood test and gave me Melissa’s number.

That first meeting with Melissa changed our path forever.

She listened as I cried about all of the interventions I had tried. We were eating only organic, non-GMO & pesticide free food. We kept him away from all of the common food allergens. Nothing seemed to help and his skin kept getting worse. She reminded me I was doing the right thing, but that there was more we could do, together. Now, a year later, Melissa has helped me understand the reason WHY this is happening to my son and she has given me tools to help him. We understand what foods to avoid and are working to heal my son’s gut, and when he does have a flair up of eczema I now know what to do! She answers every email, call & text with care and patience. Knowing her has made me a better mom, I feel empowered having on my team and I know she will continue to help not just my son, but her knowledge has helped our whole family. My son’s skin and over all well-being has improved immensely, making him a happier child, which makes for a happier mom.

Melissa has become an asset to our families health, and so I’m thankful that I made that first phone call.

~ Heather S

“After having my son 5 ½ years ago, I experienced migraines back and neck pain, bloating, failed dieting and trouble sleeping from the constant stress and lack of attention to my body.”

Since the first week of care, I have had no headaches, very limited congestion, weight loss after my first cleanse, more energy, less pain each week and I’m sleeping 90% better. The best part is, there is no medication involved and the benefits are even more than expected! Thank you for giving me so much of my health back! ~Christiana M.

“I came in as a type 2 diabetic with extreme digestive issues.”

After discovering my underlying food allergies, we revamped my food and lifestyle choices. My A1C and fasting glucose dropped, I’ve lost weight and my medical doctor approved all of my PERQUE supplements while reducing my dose of Metformin! ~Barbara C.

“Throughout my life, I have had significant health problems due to a misdiagnosis of Lyme Meningitis.

I have been to doctors and a wide variety of medical professionals who have never been able to treat my migraines or other symptoms. As an athlete the health of my mind, spirit, and body are a vital tool in my everyday performance on and off the field. Unfortunately, after my senior year of high school my tiredness, brain fog, debilitating migraines, and acne increased. By this time, I knew doctors’ generic questions and was pretty slow to talk about my symptoms or how I was feeling. I met Melissa Crispell through a Chiropractic group – she talked with me in an honest yet forward manner.

Melissa worked efficiently in building a relationship and was able to shed light on the roots of my medical problems.

We were able to do testing to see what my body had a hard time breaking down and Melissa was able to use her wide variety of experiences to inform me on the chemistry that makes up certain supplements. After she helped me cut out the foods or dyes that did not work for my body, I am pleased to say my symptoms rapidly decreased. I cry tears of joy as the severe migraines that have persisted since the age of four have almost vanished due to Melissa’s help! The intentional support that Melissa Crispell has given me is phenomenal and I am better able to live a happy healthy life! ~Sarah R

“My body was reacting to nearly every food I ate.

I had severe digestion issues, would be extremely fatigued an hour or so after meals and my body was stiff and sore every morning. I had already eliminated most conventional toxin filled products from my cleaning supplies and bath and beauty products but was surprised that some very common ingredients (vanilla, grapefruit, apple) were causing some of my reactivity. Within just a few weeks of eliminating these ingredients, the stiffness and soreness were gone. I no longer felt tired after eating and by following Melissa’s detox and supplement program, my digestion issues have resolved. I’ve been able to reintroduce the foods that were problematic with no issues as well.

So grateful to have found Melissa – her guidance and support has been invaluable and I’m thrilled with the results.”

~Dawn M.