Older and Wiser…Maybe?

The Anniversary of my birth is this month!  I’ve been around for half a century now. For me this is the time of year that I take inventory of my life. Usually looking at: am I where I want to be, what changed from last year, what do I want to accomplish next, if my number gets called up tomorrow am I at peace with everything I’ve done. I know that last one is a little deep but sometimes I go there.

I started doing this in August 2000. It happened to be my 29th birthday and 7 weeks after my only sibling passed away. At the time she passed away she was 5 weeks past her 25th birthday.  Needless to say, it was a tough year. I remember staying with her at the hospital and having deep conversations late at night when I was tired, and she was loopy. She honed in on some massively intuitive – old soul type of vibes in the last few months. Those months were her biggest contributions to my life.

I think of her almost every day but especially around our birthdays. Our birthdays were always special thanks to Mom.  We were both summer kids and didn’t have to go to school on our birthdays and spent our days at the pool or on a beach, which I still do for my actual birthday. These days, instead of dwelling on the sadness of her missing my 30th, 40th, and 50th birthdays, I choose to focus on the gifts she gave me at her end.

She gave me:

  • The reminder of humility and respect for all humans (no matter their stage or station in life).
  • Enjoy the moment you’re in and not get wrapped up in what’s next.
  • Give to someone everyday (doesn’t have to be money).
  • Don’t spank the kids (it doesn’t teach discipline it teaches the big kid can beat up the little kid).

My sister is the reason I do what I do – teach people simple strategies to improve their lives (and those around them).  My mission is to show you: how the foods you eat (or don’t eat) affect your energy, hormones, mood and skin; how the chemicals you’re exposed to by eating, drinking, breathing or applying to your skin can affect your genetic potential, metabolism, and your mental health; how self-care is more than a day at the spa; and truth through living authentically and (hopefully) helping you to see (and feel) that you’re not alone.

So, in the spirit of giving, I would like to share with you 5 things that help you age faster:

  1. Eating junk food and empty calories. I’m not talking about having a slice of birthday cake. I’m talking about fast food restaurants that are serving you Frankenfood. This is not a judgment because lord knows I love French fries! We all have food freedom but let’s choose foods that support our longevity, our energy levels, our good mood, and good night’s sleep.
  2. Sitting for long periods of time with minimal movement. Being stagnant is not healthy. It does not support your longevity and promotes weight gain. Excess body fat also helps age you faster. Get out and move your body!  Whether walking outside or chasing bubbles with the kids – some form of movement every day is a necessity.
  3. Low vitamin and hormones. Take it from me, your health can get out of hand quickly when you’re under tremendous amounts of stress. I’ve burned myself out twice now by working crazy schedules, commuting long distances, frequent work travel, not minding my own boundaries, trying to please everyone, and leaning on being mentally tough. Check your hormones…including vitamin D! You don’t get extra credit for being fried!
  4. Having no purpose and isolating yourself socially. We are social individuals – understanding that socializing can look different for everyone. I personally don’t care for large crowds or gatherings. I’m content with dinner with a few friends and going home. If you feel like sharing what you do for socialization comment below!
  5. Giving up your muscle mass by not using it! Some loss as we age is to be expected but you can lose a lot if you’re not eating well or exercising. If your at home remedies are not working it may be time to seek professional help to rule out anything super serious.

If you find yourself wanting to change habits, clean up your meals, detoxify your pantry and hygiene products but are not sure where to start, please schedule a call and let’s talk about some options that could work for you.

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