For the Love of Turtles!

For the love of turtles and all things ocean associated please stop the plastic single-use straws. My love of sea turtles began when my oldest grandson fell in love with Finding Nemo. The scene where the older turtle (Crush) and the younger turtle (Squirt) would bump heads and say, “noggin” was one of his favorites. That became our thing and so did marine life.

It is estimated that over 500 million plastic straws are used every day in America. Most of them end up in our oceans.  They pollute our water and kill the marine life. You may be wondering why we don’t just recycle them? Great question!  The problem is that the straws are too lightweight and can’t make it through the recycling sorter. They end up dropping through the sorting screens and get mixed in the other materials that are too small to sort or separate and then get disposed of as garbage.

In our parks and hiking trails we have a “Leave no Trace” understanding.  The same system would be great for our beaches as well. Plastic straws are ending up in the ocean mainly through human activities. Leaving trash on the beach, general littering, even overfilled trash cans on the street spilling over contribute.  All gutters and storm drains lead to the ocean…did I mention Finding Nemo?

Plastic doesn’t biodegrade or dissolve in the ocean. Instead, it breaks down into super-itty-bitty pieces called “microplastics”. The fish and turtles ingest the plastic. The scientists at the UGA New Materials Institute conducted a study that discovered microplastic particles smaller than dust or powdered sugar inside baby sea turtles. They also found that 100% of the turtles studied had eaten plastic. Ingesting the plastic pollution is likely the reason the sea turtles are dying.

Even if you don’t care about the marine life, it’s important for you to know that the microplastics have been found in sea salt, 94% of tap water, and in shellfish. So, if you’re buying/eating sea salt and shrimp or not using filters on your water, you too could be eating the same plastic as the marine life.

What can we do differently? Refuse straws when you order drinks!  Get in the habit of mentioning it when you order at your favorite restaurant or coffee shop.  You can also purchase your own to carry with you if straws are important to you.

In the featured photo you’ll find my bamboo straw (set purchased from Grove).  I hope you’ll make the Dalgona Coffee recipe too!


Dalgona Coffee is super simple to make. Use equal parts instant coffee, sugar, and hot water kind of easy.

Shown here:

1 Tbsp Organic Instant Coffee

1 Tbsp Monk Fruit sweetener

1 Tbsp boiling water

½ C. Half and Half

  1. We used the ninja single serve blender to mix (until foamy) the instant coffee, monk fruit sweetener, and boiling water.
  2. Add you preferred amount of ice in a glass and add the ½ & ½.
  3. Pour the foamed coffee mixture on top.
  4. Mix and enjoy.

Use the sugar and dairy (or non-dairy) of your choice. Remember to filter your water and ditch the plastic straws too!

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