12 Weeks: From Why to Wellness


Change takes time and consistency.  And too many big changes at once can be downright daunting.  We can get discouraged at small setbacks, and give up.

That’s why I offer an easy on-ramp to the world of functional nutrition.  It’s a 12 week wellness coaching program that gets you started on the road to long term health with lots of guidance and support.

There are 5 Steps to my healing approach. First we find out WHY, then we get you WELL!

  • Health Assessment Questionnaire: This will give me an idea of what you think your health status is and help me make food/supplement recommendations.
  • Food and Chemical sensitivity testing: You choose the level of testing you’d like and that works for your budget. I’ll review the complete list of food/chemical sensitivities with you; help you understand where you’re being exposed to them and how to avoid them for optimal healing.
  • Detox: you must clear the slate to heal the system.
  • Stress reduction/ Exercise/ Lifestyle Education: We’ll work together by phone to map out relaxation techniques, make exercise recommendations, and other mindfulness practices.
  • Maintenance: food adjustments and supplement additions to help you sustain your new healthy life.

Our coaching sessions through these 5 steps can be by phone or Skype. Typically I meet with clients 7-8 times over the course of 12 weeks. Sometimes more based on how they are responding and what the individual goals are.  (And once the 12 weeks are complete, I offer ongoing support sessions to meet your needs.)

During our 12 weeks working together, I’ll give you the tools to take control of your health and well-being, and support you every step of the way!

An initial 15-minute phone consult is always complimentary and encouraged. The more questions I can answer for you up front the better prepared you are to be fully present in this healing journey.

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